How it works

Discover Authors is an author-driven collective blog tour for authors and our books! The tours are called “Discoveries”.

Visit the “Authors Only” page for scheduling information. (You must submit first to get the password!)

How it works:

  1. Fill out the form to join a Discovery and be sure let me know if you have a special date to promote. You won’t be able to see the Authors Only page without the code I send all new sign-ups!
  2. Encourage other authors to sign up so we can fill up 10 slots!
  3. I will email all the participants when the 10 slots are filled and we will start the Discovery on a Friday after the slots are filled. I will provide a poll on the Authors Only page for  you to choose what day works best for you.
  4. Once the Discovery begins, on day one, post about your book on your blog. This is what others will share when your day comes. Please be sure to include the Discover Authors logo!
  5. Post about other authors’ books on their day. Refer to the Authors Only page for the list of dates and who has them. You can re-blog or copy and paste, but please don’t just post a link. It’s not as pretty. Hint: You can copy the Discover Authors post about the book.
  6. To earn one of the three slots in the “Featured” section to the left, tweet about Discover Authors, share on Facebook, and promote on other social media sites. Be sure to email to get credit for your promotions. The author with the most promotions will get the highest slot.

The rules:

  1. Independent or Traditionally Published, all genres, all types of books are welcome. Your Discovery post will be archived under genre for future reference.
  2. First come – first served for date slots. If you’re not prepared on your day, you may be bumped to a later date to give you more time. If you would like to include a promotion, giveaway, or other goodies, please be sure to let me know so I can post them on the free books page. If the Discovery has open slots, I may have to move days around so we don’t have any gaps. I will try to keep books with free days on their chosen date.
  3. Everyone who signs up gets to join in, one book per Discovery, one day per author. Our maximum is 10 authors per Discovery so we aren’t posting into eternity.
  4. Please keep all posts Rated G so all authors will feel free to share your content.
  5. Post all other authors’ books on their Discovery day or email me with your reason for declining to post. (Failure to post is the biggest way to get on the naughty list!)
  6. If you purchase, read, and review one of the other authors’ books, be sure to notify me so I can link your review on my site.
  7. Promotions of the Discovery will earn you a slot in the sidebar for the month! Facebook posts, Tweets, and other promotions will bump you up one place. Tied books will appear in alphabetical order.

Notice: If you don’t or can’t follow all the rules, you won’t be accepted for future Discoveries. I keep a naughty list! (Ho Ho Ho!)

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