How it Works


Discover Authors is an author-driven collective blog tour for authors and our books. This is how you can join in:

How it works:

1. Post about your book on your blog. This post can be a simple listing about your book, a review of your book, an excerpt, or some other highlight of the book you want to list. Be sure the post has links to purchase your book! Please include the Discover Authors logo in your post (url link:

2. Share a post on your blog from Discover Authors about another author’s book. It can be the latest post or another from the archives of books. It is entirely your choice, so you can stick to your genre or your blog’s theme if you like. You may re-blog the book or share it with ShareThis ( but please do not just share a link. Some portion of the full post must appear on your blog.

**If you have a special or free day running on your book, be sure to include this in your post about your book. I will then add your special to our Giveaways and Discounts page. If your book is always free, I list the book there too and include a “free” category in the post.**

3. Share your post through some other form of social media (Twitter, Facebook, Google +, etc.). Often your blogging platform allows for automatic sharing.

4. Fill out the form below with all the required FULL URLs, including for Twitter and Facebook (click link to see how), and we will share your post about your book on Discover Authors. Ta-da! (Note: without the full URL I often can not find the posts and so I can’t share your book- example of a full URL:

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